Local fishing guide Tyler Morris gave us an update on fishing in the Grand Valley. Here's your February fishing report on lakes, rivers and more in the Grand Valley.

It's that time of the year when I'm just itching to go fishing. The fish are calling my name and I'm ready to catch them. (And then put them back, because I'm all about that catch and release life.) Our buddy at Western Anglers, Tyler Morris, is a fishing guide and gave us an update on what fishing is looking like around the Grand Valley. From the Grand Mesa to Corn Lake, here's your February fishing report.

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Local Lakes

Tyler Morris says local lakes are icing off right now so take advantage of it. Fishing is pretty good on local lakes (lakes like Corn Lake, Highline James M. Robb, and Riverbend in Palisade) because of the last year's stock.

Fish are getting more active as the ice is melting and the temperatures are rising. Fish are feeding more aggressively because they're hungry. Tyler says he fished corn lake less than two weeks ago and caught a lot of rainbows. And when we say a lot we mean about 50 rainbows in two hours.

Grand Mesa

According to local fishing guide Tyler Morris, fishing is slow on the Grand Mesa because it's mid-winter. Tyler says all of the lakes on the Mesa are iced up so if you go up on the Grand Mesa it's all ice fishing, no open water. He says you can expect the ice to be gone at the end of May or mid-June.

Gunnison and Colorado Rivers

Both rivers are extremely cold and fishing isn't great, says Tyler Morris from Western Anglers. Fishing is slow due to cold water temperate, but spring is right around the corner and it's only a matter of time before the fish get more active. Local fishing guide Tyler has caught rainbow, brown, cutbows and some suckerfish. The suckerfish was a native fish, a flannel mouth sucker.

Tyler says this is the perfect time of year to replace your line, spend time tying flies for the upcoming season, and the perfect time to go through and organize all of your fishing equipment. He also says this is the perfect time to learn the art of fly fishing and take some fly fishing lessons, and he'd love to teach you.

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