They're called wild animals for a reason and no matter how cute and adorable they look, they're wild and for their own good and yours, it's best if we keep them that way.

People near Grand Lake, Colorado have been feeding and petting a baby moose that was abandoned recently and while their hearts are in the right place for feeling sorry for this beautiful animal, it's not the proper thing to do.

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According to our friends at Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the best way to view any kind of wildlife is from a safe distance. Not only is it dangerous, it's illegal to feed and move a moose and not only can feeding it cause serious harm to you and others, I don't know about you but I don't think I'd want an angry mama moose charging after me.

CPW officials also added this: “When people intentionally place or distribute food that does not naturally occur in the animals’ habitat, such as carrots, birdseed, hay, or salt blocks, it can lead to illness or death,” officials said.   Wildlife officials decided it be best if they moved the animal to a more remote and safe location so that's what they did.

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