I asked you how you feel about the school walkouts in Colorado and some are excited and others think it's a joke. This is how Grand Junction feels about the school walkouts in Colorado.

Thousands of students have taken part in school walkouts in Colorado. The walkouts were part of a national protest against gun violence. Some of the most recent walkouts were across the country on March 14. This marks one month since 17 students were killed at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

I wanted to know how you how you felt about the walkouts in Colorado, so I asked you on our Facebook. Grand Junction is happy to see our future in action voicing their opinions, but they also aren't coddling them.

While some people commented with apathy, others responded with life is hard and don't expect to get coddled. Joleen thinks this is the students' way of voicing their opinion.

Tomas seems to think the walkouts are a joke and essentially a waste of time.

Heather suggests another movement altogether.

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