The people have spoken! We scoured the web to find customer reviews on different Grand Junction Liquor Stores, and here were the crowd favorites.

Andy’s Liquor

Andy’s is close to the college, it’s within walking distance of downtown and several of the residential areas downtown. Andy’s has always been one of the most popular liquor stores in Grand Junction, and I don’t think anyone is surprised.

Fisher’s Liquor Barn

Fisher’s is the big daddy of Grand Junction Liquor Stores. They have the largest selection of several types of alcohol, including wine (which I know our listeners love wine!). Fisher’s has several cashiers working all the time, so your chances of having to wait long are not very likely. Plus, it’s located right next to the Mesa Mall.

Grand Central Liquors

Grand Central Liquor is another one that is relatively close to the college, and extremely close to downtown Grand Junction. Located in the shopping center by Fly’n Roosters, Grand Central Liquor is a rather large liquor store, with a large selection of several types of alcohol, including whiskey and wine.

Redlands Liquors

Redlands Liquor is a super convenient liquor store for anyone on the East side of the Redlands, especially. It’s located right next to the Redlands Albertsons, which makes it a hot spot of the area. Redlands Liquor had high reviews on customer service and friendliness.

Monument Village Liquors

Monument Village has high reviews, because for anyone living in the West Redlands, it’s an extreme convenience. I’ve lived in the West Redlands most of my life, and not having to drive 10 miles into town is pretty nice. They are a little smaller than some of the other liquor stores in town, but that’s not really a big deal because the convenience more than makes up for it.

Jackalope Liquors

If you’re in the Fruita area, Jackalope liquors has some pretty great reviews online. They have a pretty large selection of alcohol, and the best part is that they have a drive through window!

No matter your poison (so long as it’s legal) these are all great liquor stores, with a wide variety of options. You work hard, go grab yourself a drink, or two, and enjoy your weekend!