I don't know about you but I absolutely have to have my coffee in the morning and lately I need it through out the day. So I went on the search for Grand Junction's best coffee, and here's what I found so far.

Other than my obligatory 'Seattle's Best' brewed at home coffee I started thinking I'm gonna need a back up so I started my own unofficial investigation. Here is what I have so far. Feel free to throw in your own suggestions on great coffee in Grand Junction.

  • Laughing Dog Coffee House

    413 Monument Road, Grand Junction
    Wavebreakmedia Ltd
    Wavebreakmedia Ltd

    This place is around the corner from my house and my first official stop in my quest. Laughing Dog Coffee House offers baked goods, quiche, and breakfast burritos.

    They serve up a hearty Americano, which is my fave is my fav but hold your horses! They now have PASTIES!

    I've never seen them outside of Michigan's upper pennisula. Now Yoopers love their Pasties which noramlly consist of meat, potato,onion, sometimes carrots or rutabaga. Think of a pot pie without the pie if you will

    This weekend Im stopping in to grab myself one or 50, my grandma made them for my grandpa when he worked in the mines in the U.P.  So I know a good pastie! lol

  • Main Street Bagel

    559 Main Street Grand Junction
    Pavel Timofeyev
    Pavel Timofeyev

    I made a brief stop at Main Street Bagel for a quick medium skinny latte, lite on the French vanilla with 3 shots. They nailed it. Wish I was downtown more often or this would be a regular stop.

    The smell of fresh bread, bagels, an assortment of cream cheeses and a staff that 'gets it' make this a mandatory stop if your down for coffee and espresso done right.

  • Colorado Legacy Coffee

    1048 Independent Ave. Suite #105A Grand Junction

    I met the folks that run Colorado Legacy Coffee at The Taste of The Grand Valley recently. The smell reeled me in and the taste of their sample -- Mesa breakfast Blend? -- they were offering made me believe they knew what they were doing.

    Not often can you drink a coffee with no sugar, creamer, or sweetener and just savor the taste.

    This delicious coffee reminded me of my years in Alaska where the Pacific North West coffee culture is in hyper drive.These guys are from the Pacific Northwest where coffee is paramount.

    Roasting days I believe are Monday. If your in the Sam's Club area just follow your nose.

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