Grand Junction, Colorado has six different zip codes that each make up a different part of the city, along with different zip codes for neighboring towns such as Clifton, Fruita, and Palisade.

Which Zip Codes are in Grand Junction?

The city of Grand Junction is made up of six different zip codes including 81501, 81503, 81504, 81505, 81506, and 81507. Fruita's zip code is 81521, Clifton's is 81520 and Palisade is 81526.

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What's in Each Zip Code in Grand Junction?

  • 81501 - Grand Junction's 81501 zip code includes the downtown area, Lincoln Park, Colorado Mesa University and stretches along North Avenue from 25 1/2 Road to 30 Road.
  • 81503 - Grand Junction's 81503 zip code includes a sizeable portion of the city including vineyards, Western Colorado Dragway, and the Mesa County Sherrif's Office.
  • 81504 - Grand Junction's 81504 zip code includes the Fruitvale neighborhood, Grand Junction Motor Speedway, a portion of the Bookcliffs and stretches from 29 Road to 30 Road between I-70 and Riverside Parkway.
  • 81505 - Grand Junction's 81505 zip code includes a portion of the Bookcliffs, businesses such as Sam's Club, Mesa Mall, several car dealerships and takes up an area of northwest Grand Junction between 26 Road and 21 Road.
  • 81506 - Grand Junction's 81506 zip code includes several businesses on Horizon Drive, St. Mary's Hospital, Grand Junction Regional Airport and is located primarily north of Patterson Road.
  • 81507 - Grand Junction's 81507 zip code includes the Redlands neighborhood and parts of Colorado National Monument but not Glade Park.
  • 81520 - Colorado's 81520 zip code includes the town of Clifton as well as Mt. Garfield.
  • 81521 - Colorado's 81521 zip code stretches all the way to the Utah border and includes the town of Fruita.
  • 81526 - Colorado's 81526 zip code encompasses the entire town of Palisade.

Learn About Grand Junction Colorado's Different Zip Codes

Grand Junction, Colorado has six different zip codes that each make up a different part of the city.

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