Here in Colorado, there are plenty of things readily available to step on and hurt yourself with. Plus, it's so nice in the summertime that it's not uncommon to see Coloradans walking around barefoot from time to time.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking what the most painful thing you've ever stepped on while barefoot was and got all kinds of cringe-worthy responses.

Stepping on Goat Heads in Colorado

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When I first heard the term 'goat heads,' I immediately pictured something gruesome like, you know, the severed head of a goat. However, the tiny nightmarish things that we call goat heads are probably more painful to step on than actual goat heads and are the most painful things that Heidi, Christi, Corrie, and Bluberrii have stepped on.

Stepping on Legos in Colorado

If you have kids, you probably know that one of the worst things you can step on while barefoot is a Lego carelessly left laying on the ground. Mark, Zac, Mike, and Donna know from experience.

Stepping on Glass, Metal, and Other Things in Colorado

Many other items were listed as the most painful things you've stepped on while barefoot including metal objects, broken glass, rusty nails, fish hooks, cactus barbs, and toothpicks.

Bizarre Things Coloradans Have Stepped on Barefoot

Finally, some of the responses to my question were just bizarre. For example, Nicole says that the most painful thing she's stepped on while barefoot was a scorpion. Luckily, she lived to tell the tale.

In addition, Gary has a wild story about getting tangled up in his girlfriend's underwear and ending up having to get stitches that you'll really have to read for yourself below:

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