Grand Junction uses one word and one word only to describe their weekend. Grand Junction's weekend ranges from peaceful to painful, to epic.

After asking you to use one word to describe your weekend on our Facebook, Grand Junction had some interesting weekend words. Some of these weekend words make you wonder what they were doing this past weekend.

This one especially makes me wonder what Greg did to use 'foggy' to describe his weekend. Did he encounter a lot of fog over the weekend? Or perhaps Greg doesn't exactly remember his weekend, hence the word 'foggy.'

I'll have to agree with this next one. I feel like I just got to Central City and then I blinked, and I was on the way back to Grand Junction. I'd say my weekend was 'short' too. I guess time flies when you're having a good time.

Now, this is the type of weekend word I'm always down with, 'peaceful.' There's always a lot going on between work and family and you know, the rest of your life. Having some peace on the weekend is always a good thing.

Another weekend word that's always welcome in my weekend is 'epic.' Cue the Faith No More song here.

If I had to choose one word to describe my weekend, I'd say 'golden.' I was in the land of gold and casinos for my birthday this past weekend, aka Central City. Unfortunately, I didn't come back with riches or gold -- except for myself.

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