As we grow, we discover more and more things that we seem to have a special talent for. Some people discover that they're better than average graphic artists, some have a knack for math and spreadsheets, some are gifted mechanics, etc., etc.

However, graphic artists, accountants, and mechanics all have one thing in common - they are lucrative career choices. It's always nice when your biggest skill equates to something you can make money doing, right?

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Well, that's not always the case as we are about to find out. Some of us are quite gifted at certain things but, unfortunately, these talents do not always equate to making money.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking if you had a useless talent that, if you could somehow make money doing it, you'd be rich by now. Here's what you said.

Grand Junction's Useless Talents

Some of the "talents" mentioned as responses to my question were more character traits than actual talents, like sarcasm and the ability to make others angry.

Others, interestingly, had a common theme of being video games. In fact, assumedly one of the members of the local band Los Dos Gatos is evidently really good at the Gran Turismo racecar video game, while my useless talent is that I'm freakishly good at Pac-Man.

Some other talents mentioned included the ability to crochet, fold laundry, make one's eyebrows dance, talk backward, and spill food on oneself.

It should also be noted that Andi considers herself exceptionally good at trivia, which many would consider to not be useless at all.

Anyway, take a look at some of Grand Junction's useless skills that if they could make money doing, they'd be rich by now:

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