A few of my favorite Facebook posts so far has been our discussion on how in the world you pronounce the fun graphics called GIFs that people use to comment or text and then applying a GIF to a certain situation.

Applying the GIFs will be Part II ... haha.

Also, just to clarify, I'm the clueless one because every time I say GIF I say it wrong.

Our first discovery of learning how to pronounce the darn acronym was interesting.

With the help of some of our friends on Facebook like Dan Eddy, Mark Metzner, Rachelle Hensley, and Evan Ryder I've learned the meaning to the acronym.

Although Mark is correct about the meaning of the acronym, I believe Katie Mattison hit the nail on the head.

Ding ... ding ... ding ... the correct answer is that it's a hard G which is followed by a vowel, therefore it sounds like a J.

For example, giant or gym.

So confusing, right?

I'm like many others that want to say GIF like a gift, it just seems to make sense but truth be told it's GIF with a hard G which sounds like JIF.

As for me, I may still say it wrong because that's how my brain works. Amariah Underwood, Anne Reed, and others I'm going to maybe we take some advice from Carolyn Williams? Hmm?

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