District 51 is now getting plenty of fiber. This kind of fiber will help your kids, but not in the ways you may think.

Fiber Optics are being installed into District 51 schools. With an amazing speed of 10 gigabytes, the new network will allow the schools to perform faster and be able to expand many projects along with help kids learn.

The new network should be up and running fully by July 1. This is a great forward step for our schools here in Grand Junction.

Knowing that there is an availability for really high speed internet raises questions when it comes to why this service is not available to the residents of Grand Junction.

The City of Grand Junction has been working on ways to be able to provide different providers of internet to the Valley. As of now, the pickin's are pretty slim. But knowing that services can be installed into the area, is a hopeful step, and perhaps one that will soon be available to all of us.

If you had the opportunity to have Fiber-Optic speed internet installed into your home, would you rather have it, verses your current service?



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