It’s the weekend finally and truth be told it’s was a tough week by having a holiday in the middle of the week. For me personally, I’m feeling pretty wiped out.

I don’t know about you, but I kind of feel like I’m a chicken without a head. Running on fumes has me running late which I hate when I’m late for anything.

I find it ironic that the week before we had fun with our hashtag theme which was your best excuse for being late in four words. One of my comments was, “I have issues, okay!” Weeks like this make me feel this way.

I’m so stinking busy at times I run half hour by half hour. Those weeks used to happen more frequently in my past. Being a single mom of four can bring time to a standstill. I found myself late often when my kids were younger, boy I could have used some of your excuses back then.

When I’m late now, it’s strictly because of weeks like this one. Reading everyone’s comments on Facebook had me laughing.  It’s a wonderful reminder not to get all worked up with being so serious all the time. There were so many comments that I can’t add them all, but here are some that maybe you can use in the future.

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