No matter what the circumstances are around death it's always unfortunate to hear of someone being found dead, especially so little information regarding this case. According to KREX, there isn't a lot to work with right now but there is one man who lost his life and unfortunately, the incident took place right outside of a Grand Junction business.

The incident began around 2:00 a.m. on Sunday morning where Grand Junction Police Officers were dispatched to the 2200 block of Colex Drive the location of Fantasy Night Club in Grand Junction. But that is where a bulk of the information stops.

What Grand Junction Police Found on Scene Sunday Morning at Fantasy Night Club

The officers reported finding one man laying on the ground outside of the business. Upon arrival, the victim was already unconscious and not breathing. Officers attempted to perform CPR and he was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

What the Grand Junction Police Know at This Time Regarding the Incident

While it's possible the police know more than they are releasing right now. It seems as though they are still looking for a lot of information regarding this case as well. There have been no suspects identified in this case but the investigation is still ongoing. Obviously, if you know any more about the incident that took place outside of Fantasy Night Club on Sunday night please reach out to the Grand Junction Police Department.

We are wishing nothing but the best to the victim's family as they work through these tough times.

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