All of this cold weather and snow has me thinking about the heat, all kinds of heat. If only I could afford to have a hot tub at my place. Since I can't afford the hot tub, it's still nice to envision my new hot tub, in my brand new expensive home.

These five house are the most expensive hot tub-having houses in Grand Junction, all for sale, and all with a hot tub.


This is one hot ranch! No, not the stuff you put on your wings or salad. This three bedroom/three bathroom ranch style house on 949 25 Road is going for a little over 1.3 million. The ranch sits on over 18 acres and comes with a barn, basement and a hot tub.


The High Desert Sauna is at 351 High Desert Road and has 4 bedrooms/4 bathrooms. This villa not only has a pool and hot tub, it also has a built in sauna. There's lots and lots of windows to take in the beautiful views.


This 4 bedroom/6 bathroom house is over 6,000 square feet is quite the Double Decker. It literally has a two-story story deck with a gorgeous grill and gorgeous view. The home at 365 High Desert Road has a huge fish tank and bar too. Bar first, then hot tub.


This villa is water-ful (that's wonderful + full of water) because it's surrounded by a pond, pool (slide included) and hot tub. The villa is over 5,000 square feet with 5 bedrooms/5 bathrooms. The kitchen is so clean and white, it hurts my eyes.


Three stories on over four acres -- this house is huge. There a pool table, basketball court, basketball hoop in the pool, fireplace and hot tub. this 6 bedroom/9 bathroom house is 9,232 square feet. I'm not sure what you'd do with all that space, and all those bathrooms, but we'll figure it out when I come over.

Source: Mix 108

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