Over the last few weeks, some residents in the Redlands area of Grand Junction received a "Valentine's" flyer from the KKK.

The residents who received the flyer and box of candy found them in their mailboxes or at the end of their driveways. Upon opening the flyer, they discovered it was from the KKK with racists and homophobic slurs.

The letters urged to readers to "love your own race," with negative messages towards mixed race and homosexual relations.

Residents who were concerned by the flyer reported the incident to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. The MCSO says there is nothing they can do legally at this time other than document the incidents.

“It's a freedom of expression...it's not anything that is illegal that we can prosecute right away."

Grand Junction isn't the only town that saw the racist flyers. Towns in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusettes, and more received the flyer around the same time.

If you received one of these fliers, or feel you may be in danger after receiving one, please contact the Mesa County Sheriff's office.

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