Grand Junction wouldn't be able to live without this. This is the one thing that Grand Junction just can't live without.

When I think of something that I can't live without, the first thing that comes to mind is my family. (This includes my pets, of course.) Whenever we asked you this:

Here's what Grand Junction can't live without.

This is true. Technically, you would die without food so we all need this.

I like how Rhonda's coffee, husband and kids are all her number ones. It'd suck, but I think we'd be fine without coffee, just saying.

Fishing does give you a feeling like nothing else. It'd be hard to live without that sense of peace.

Here's another one that we literally cannot live without -- oxygen.

A world without music seems all too quiet. (Plus I'd be out of a job so yes, we definitely need the music.)

It turns out its not really one thing that Grand Junction can't go without. No one can really go without things like food and air but it does make you think about what's important to you.

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