I picked out a few drinks to describe Grand Junction. This is why I think an old fashioned, martini and peach sangria are the drinks that depict Grand Junction.

Sources: Liquor and All Recipes

  • Old Fashioned


    I think an old fashioned is a perfect drink for Grand Junction because let's face it, there's a lot of older people that live here. I also like to think we preserve the old fashioned way around here. Bourbon, club soda,  bitters, sugar, an orange wheel and maraschino cherry is what you need for an old fashioned.

  • Dry Martini


    This drink is a classic! I picked this one because it's dry, just like Grand Junction. Combine gin, vermouth and a lemon twist or olives for the perfect dry martini.

  • Peach Sangria


    In the land of peaches and wine, I had to put a drink that has both! There's a few ways to make sangria, but you'll need white or peach wine, regular or peach vodka, lemonade concentrate, sugar, peaches and any other fruit you'd like.