Grand Junction is home to many of our favorite things about living in western Colorado. From our National Monument to the Grand Junction Rockies, there are lots of things to love about living in the Grand Valley.

We got to talking with our listeners about the different things that call Grand Junction home.

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Grand Junction Colorado, Home to...

We asked our audience to finish the sentence, "Welcome to Grand Junction, Home of.."

While our fine city is home to the Rockies, Grand Junction is also home to the Book Cliffs, the Grand Mesa, the CMU Mavericks, the GJHS Tigers, and so much more! Grab our free station app to send in your answer, or simply flip through the photo gallery and find the link at the end to be able to add your answer to the list.

Welcome to Grand Junction, Home to 25 Things We Love (Mostly)

We asked our audience to finish the sentence, "Welcome to Grand Junction, Home of ____."
Here are the first 25 answers, and there is plenty of room for yours.

Downtown Grand Junction Car Show 2021

There were so many cool cars and trucks in the Downtown Grand Junction Car Show. Here's a look at what you might have missed.

See How Much Grand Junction's Population Has Grown Over the Years

Grand Junction is the largest city between Denver and Salt Lake City with a population of just under 64,000. Over the years, Grand Junction has steadily increased in size. While its growth has slowed in recent years, the population has more than doubled since 1990. The following graphics show how Grand Junction has grown over the last 130 years.

A List of Missed Long Gone Grand Junction Bars + Restaurants

Here's a list of long gone Grand Junction bars and restaurants that are missed. Grand Junction will never forget these bars and restaurants that are long gone.


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