School is back in session in the Grand Valley and it got me thinking about some of the great teachers that I've been lucky to learn from over the years. You probably have a few teachers you remember as well.

Tell Us About Your Favorite Teacher

It seems like most of us have a teacher we remember from our early days in school, and probably a couple from High School and College as well. Sometimes life's best teachers are not at school, sometimes they are at home or maybe at church.

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Boosting with Pride

Don't forget that we also want to celebrate our students in Grand Junction by awarding a great group of kids a $500 boost with our "Boosting with Pride" contest. Click the link here to nominate a great group of kids who could use $500 for their group and activities. Once the nominations are in we will start letting the audience vote on who gets this awesome prize from Big O Tires in Grand Junction!

Thanks for Sharing Your Responses for Your Favorite Colorado Teachers

We put the question out to you the audience on social media to hear about who your favorite teachers have been. We've featured 25 of your answers below. Flip through the photos and then take the link below the gallery to add your response. You can also tell us who your favorite teacher was by using the app chat feature on our free station app.

The Best Teacher I Ever Had Was...

We're saying thanks to our favorite teachers in Grand Junction and beyond with your comments from our Facebook page. There is still time to add a teacher who made a difference in your life. The best part is some of the teachers have seen these comments, and it totally made their day!

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