The Grand Junction Depot in downtown Grand Junction has been falling apart for years, while slowly becoming an eyesore. Some local residents would love to see this building restored to its past glory.

As you can see, the building needs major repair, and the sign shows Grand Junctions population at 28,000 people. So the building has been sitting for quite a while. It is currently up for sale.

Added to a list of Colorado's most endangered places in 2010, a  local group, "Friends of the Grand Junction Depot," are trying to get the building restored and get it changed into an active Amtrak station.

Dave Bradley

With the repairs, this would cost the city money, and that is why David Sheridan from Colorado Preservation, presented a $3 million plan to get the ball rolling.

There have been a couple of different offers to buy the building, one which would turn the historic train station into a microbrewery and others have shown interest in just buying the building, but the use is unknown at this time.

The Friends of the Grand Junction Depot set up a phone line for to help restore the depot --  970-241-0944.