The phrase "different strokes for different folks" could not be any more appropriate than when talking about peoples' food preferences.

There's No Judgement, It's Just Weirdness

We are all so different when it comes to the foods we like or don't like, as well as the way we mix it up - and that can be a little scary. There's no judgment here at all and there's no right or wrong answer, but recently we asked Grand Junction to tell us about your weird food combinations and I've shared some of the bizarre responses below.

I have a reputation for being a finicky eater, and I can't deny it. It's completely true, which means I'm likely to be way more grossed out by people's weird food combinations than others. At the same time, I have a certain fascination with people's food choices and I'm amazed by people who seemingly can eat anything. I want to be that person, but I'm far from it.

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Mixing It Up

Combining foods to create a new taste sensation, of course, is very common. We do it all the time.........hamburgers and french fries, milk and cookies, eggs and bacon, steak and potatoes. Nothing strange or unusual about any of those combinations. However, we all have our own little quirks when it comes to food and the way we put different things together. One of my personal favorites is chocolate cake with potato chips and milk -- and I always must have chips with my pizza.

Grand Junction's Weird Food Combinations

We wanted to hear about Grand Junction's weird food combinations and recently asked you to tell us about your food weirdness and we received some terrific answers. Feel free to join the discussion, and we may add your response to the list below of Grand Junction's weird food combinations.

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