Mondays are my day to clean my house and I wanted to know your cleaning day. Grand Junction cleans their house on this day of the week, consider me wowed.

Mondays are my go-to for cleaning my house because I'm alone for a few hours so I get to clean with no one around and no interruptions. According to our Facebook, this is when Grand Junction cleans their house.

This really made me appreciate not having to pick up after my kids. (Because I currently don't have any.) Grand Junction's #1 answer for which day they clean -- every day. I'll take my Monday cleaning session over everyday sessions.

There's a reason why which pick certain days to clean our houses. Cody says his choice is because that's the day his mom works. I'm sure she appreciates coming home to a clean house every Thursday. Thursdays are Grand Junction's #2 answer for which day they clean house.

Here we have another example of strategic cleaning. Daisy cleans on Thursdays so that the weekends are for fun things only.

It doesn't matter when you clean your house, just as long as you clean it.

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