I asked you on our Facebook to pick one type of Colorado animal you'd want to be. From gophers to moose, here are Grand Junction's Colorado spirit animals.

There are so many amazing animals here in Colorado, it's hard to choose which one you'd like to be. It was hard for me to decide but I've got it narrowed down to two. If I could by any type of Colorado animal, I'd be a black bear or a greenback cutthroat trout.

Or a wolf. (So maybe I've narrowed it down to three.) Here's what Grand Junction chose as their Colorado spirit animals.

Seems like a cougar is a pretty popular Colorado spirit animal. I love the big cats and the almighty mustang too. It'd feel so good to be so free and so strong.

I'm not sure if this is a species native to Colorado or not. You've got to proceed with caution when in contact with the aggressive 'road rager.' If you come into contact with one, I would keep your distance.

Can you imagine how beautiful Colorado would be from the sky? Since Jolene said she'd be a bird, I think a bald eagle would be a great fit. They're majestic and they've got the best view of Colorado ever.

Here are some of Grand Junction's choices for their spirit animals. Because I have a cat, I can go ahead and tell you that the Colorado house cat has a very good life. That spirit animal gets lots of naps, toys and treats.

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