Capco, a Grand Junction business that manufactures weapons for the United States military had to pay a penalty of $1 million for manufacturing weapons that were not up to code.

Between July of 2016 and March of 2018, Capco sold faulty M-320 grenade launchers. The barrels and firing pins did not meet the engineering quality necessary to make sure the weapon fires correctly.

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Capco, in defending themselves made this statement:

“As a company, this chapter has made us smarter and stronger. The safety and effectiveness of our products, which are used by the men and women who serve us all in the military and law enforcement, always has been and always will be Capco’s highest priority. Today, Capco’s quality and compliance systems are stronger than ever.

“We know that the government has confidence in our people, our quality, and our ability to deliver an excellent product, and we are proud to serve our nation’s military and law enforcement professionals every day.

“Every challenge gives us choices about how to respond. Our team chose to address this complaint in a way that encompasses the values we embrace – transparency, trust, commitment, and extreme reliability.”

The date of the settlement was November 4 and has been paid by the company. There are no indications the U.S. Government will stop working with Capco.

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