Now that school is back in session, the back to school pictures are everywhere. You've got to see Grand Junction's back to school pictures because they're adorable.

I miss the days of only going to school and worrying about homework instead of bills. Also, I miss the summer vacation too. Now that summer vacation is over in Mesa County, the kids are all back to school.

Since almost everyone take a back to school picture, I asked you to share yours on our Facebook. Some students are excited to be going back to school and others -- not so much.

Here are Grand Junction's back to school pics.

I like how Ronda's daughter isn't the only one posing for the picture - their cat is too.

I love that the Mesa County Sheriff's Office took the time to comment with their back to school pictures, too. This SRO looks excited for the 2018-2019 school year at Central High School. There's even a 'Go Warriors!' on his sign too.

Look at these two siblings stoked for their first day back at school They're all smiles and they're holding hands (Aww.)

Cool book bag: check. Cool shirt: check. I like this kid's style. I hope everyone is having a great first week back at school.

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