I feel like if you do not work or live around Grand Junction, you probably have a long commute. I asked around for commute times at the radio station, what's your drive time?

I'm pretty spoiled when it comes to commuting. I've never had to walk or drive for more than 20 minutes. My current commute time -- six minutes. I remember while my sister was in grad school, she had over an hour of drive time going just one way.

I can't imagine spending that much time in a car on a daily basis. It seems as if you don't work around Grand Junction, you're probably driving for awhile. Brandon Thomas drives about 15-20 minutes from Fruita, that drive time depends on the traffic. "It sucks, especially when you can't take the highway," he said.

Almost everyone at the radio station says that it takes them 20 minutes or less. The average time for us radio people: 12 minutes. What's your drive time?

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