Let's face it, not sweating the small stuff is sometimes easier said than done. Sure, it's reasonable to get angry at things in life, but sometimes those things may seem trivial to others. And, of course, everyone's different.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking what little things make you incredibly angry and got a plethora of responses.

Little Things Grand Junction Gets Angry About

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As I mentioned above, everybody's different, and a lot of people are bothered by things that others would find to be no big deal.

One thing that I found a lot of people have in common, is getting irritated by the sounds of another person eating. In fact, I have read that it has been scientifically proven that certain people are especially bothered by this.

Some of these people include Jen, who said that people chewing cereal is bothersome to her. Heather had a similar response, citing things like sucking one's fingers, smacking one's lips, or hearing another person chew food as being things that make her especially angry. She also added, "basically loud, nasty eaters."

People that Make Grand Junction Angry

Other responses to my question were directed at certain people that make you especially angry. Some of these types of people include kids, rude customers, ungrateful people, disrespectful people, bad drivers, and people who break promises.

Other Things that Make Grand Junction Angry

There were of course plenty of other answers including when computers don't work right, when you get your socks wet, and simply, onions, to name a few.

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