I love standing in the water and just casting my line, waiting for a nibble. I have only been to a couple places in town so I wanted to make a list of good places to go and fly fish around Colorado.

The Blue Mesa Reservoir is one of the top places for fly fishing. It has over 90 miles of shoreline. This would make even the best fly fisherman happy. They also have gold metal waters to fish and some hard to catch wild trout.

Steamboat Lake State Park makes my list because this is one of my favorite places to go. I have never been fishing here, but the hiking there was awesome. You can catch up to eight trout total but the bag limit is only four. This is a place up in elevation where you can lose track of time. I can't wait to get my gear together and get to fishing.

Trappers Lake feels like it is almost touching the sky. It's one of the coolest relaxing feelings you could have. Trappers Lake is protected so you have to follow the guidelines for you to truly enjoy your time. Make sure you and a friend take a trip together. It makes the experience so much better.

Gunnison River (Gold Medal Waters)

The Gunnison River is considered world class for fly fishing. There are expeditions while you are on the Gunnison River which makes it even more fun. The rainbow and brown trout are what make this place world class. I have actually never fly fished here but I have gone down the river and I have seen rows of people catching some crazy big fish. If I can get a chance to go and do some fly fishing I would love to do it here.

The Frying Pan is considered the Mecca of fly fishing. It is one of only a few places that you can catch all four species of trout. Below the dam, for at least fourteen miles it is known to supply some trophy fish. This is a place that I have heard about but have never been. They also have "hatching" all year round so any time to fly fish is a good time.  This is one place I am going to have to put on my bucket list.

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