The idea of the Major League All-Star game coming to be played at Coors Field in Denver the home of the Colorado Rockies would be really cool. Most likely I am right alongside you and would probably not make it to the game or the Home Run Derby the day before because I'm sure those ticket prices would be outrageous. But what a cool event to potentially be held in the state of Colorado. And according to 9 News, Colorado's Governor Polis will be working to get MLB to move the All-Star game to Colorado.

Beyond just having all of the best baseball players in the country within our state, it will also provide a huge economic boom to our neighbors over in Denver which they truly need after the pandemic which tore apart our entire country.

The MLB All-Star Game Had Been Scheduled to be Played in Atlanta This, Why Did It Change?

Major League Baseball made the change of venue for the All-Star Game out of Georgia due to a new law that restricts voting rights within the state and leaders for the MLB don't want to encourage that behavior.

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What Are the Chances That the MLB All-Star Game is Moved to Colorado?

No one is certain but Governor Polis says he will be "burning up the phones to see if there is an opening". The Colorado Rockies last hosted the MLB All-Star game back in 1998 and don't have plans in the coming years to host the event but it would be tremendous to see it land in Colorado this year.

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