If you are planning a trip to Glenwood Springs to enjoy the natural hot springs, you may want to double-check your travel plans. According to Denver news 7, there has been a parasitic outbreak of the cryptosporidium parasite at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort.

The report states that all four cases were in the children's water attraction area on August 18th. The area has been shut down since and will remain closed until all test confirms a zero presence of the parasite.

The spread of the parasite is most commonly spread by swallowing water infected with the parasite. While there is nothing that can be done to treat cryptosporidiosis, it is not fatal and passes within a week or two.

To avoid the parasite and help stop the spread, take these steps before and while in a pool or body of water:

  • Don’t go swimming if you have diarrhea
  • Shower before you get in the water
  • Don’t go to the bathroom in the water
  • Don’t swallow the water
  • Take kids for regular bathroom breaks
  • Check diapers and change them away from the water

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