Good news for Girls Generation fans! Tiffany confirmed that the K-Pop superstars will release new music in 2013.

In a recent interview (via PopDust), Tiffany was asked when and if Girls Generation or their subgroup, Girls Generation-TTS will grace listeners with new songs anytime this year. "Yeah, definitely more this year," Tiffany said. "We have another album with the nine, and we have another album with the trio as well. I’m looking forward to both of them.“

The stunning singer also revealed that if the opportunity for  solo material were to arise, she'd jump at the chance, whether it be music, modeling or acting. However, she was firm in her commitment to music. "I express myself better when I'm singing," she said, "so I always want to hold on to the music side."

Tiffany also went back to her Cali roots for a photo shoot, where she looked stunning despite being cold. What does she miss most when she's not at home in California with her family? "Mexican food and burgers!" And of course, she still looks like that. Life is not fair!

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