From jumping into piles of leaves to slapping you, Grand Junction's pets are straight-up hilarious. Here are some of the funniest things your fur babies have done.

Pets have a way of making us laugh, which is one of my favorite things about having pets -- other than the whole unconditional love thing. After I was laughing at my cat crunching on a piece of lettuce, I had to know what your pet does that makes you laugh.

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We asked you on Facebook, what's the funniest thing your pet has ever done? Your answer didn't disappoint and had me laughing as I read them. Here are some of the funniest things that Grand Junction's pets have ever done.

Kimberly King commented on our Facebook and says that her boxer, Waylon, loves to jump in piles of leaves. She even commented with a video that shows Waylon sticking his head into the leaves then prancing around and diving his face into the pile. It's even funnier because someone is trying to rake up the leaves in the background and while Waylon provides the entertainment, he's not making the job any easier.

Also, Waylon the boxer does not like Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune. As soon as she comes on the TV, he starts barking and gets closer and closer to the TV.

I think that animals can get along with almost any other animal -- like this cat and this bunny. Michelle Barwing commented on our Facebook with a picture of her cat and her baby bunny fighting over a catnip toy. Their love of catnip brought them together and hopefully won't tear them apart.

Zion the cat is a super fluffy tuxedo cat. His whiskers are very curled which makes him looks like he's up to something -- which he is. Wendy Bowne on our Facebook says that Zion likes to slap her husband's face if he ignores him. The cat lets his people know 'you better pay attention to me...or else.'

Ronda Ragsdale says her dog called 911. The dog speed-dialed 911 on her parents' landline and because they were watching a movie they didn't even notice that the dog did it. Well, the cops call the call because they came in with their guns drawn and everything. At least you know your dog could help you out now, little prankster.

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