Not only is the month of November home to my favorite holiday, but it is also the month that I was also born.

Birthdays are amazing, and most adults only concentrate on their kids birthday party. I know that every once in awhile I like to enjoy doing something for my birthday.

Here are a few things that us adults can do to celebrate the date of our birth with all of your friends.


There are several places around town where you can get your sing on. This choice is a guaranteed fun time with your friends. Make sure to sing something by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Bananas Fun Park

Now, who says you can't go have fun like a kid on your birthday? Bananas Is loaded with video games to make your inner kid happy. Did I mention that they also have laser tag? Winner winner birthday dinner!

Main Street Walk

Taking a stroll down Main Street is a lot more fun then it sounds. You can head out and make your way to every bar down main. I did this one year for my birthday. It was the most fun on my birthday that I have ever have.


The Valley is known for having some of, if not the best trails anywhere. This is a fun one that you can do with your whole family. You can even make it like a picnic and instead of cake, bring cupcakes!


You can do this with your friends while having some beers. Or you can make this a family event. Both choices are perfect for a birthday. Make sure you bowl more than one game to make it interesting!

All of these choices I would love to do for my birthday. What is your fun thing to do for your birthday?

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