The weather is starting to get warmer, meaning that there is going to be a lot more things to do around Grand Junction.

Here are some fun things that you can do this weekend with the family or for a fun date.

Palisade International Honeybee Festival - April 13-14th

This festival is all about the amazing honeybee. They will have educational exhibits, live music, vendors, and so much more. See what the buzz is about at the art exhibit and reception. Honeybees are very important to this world and this is one way to appreciate the things that they do.

Desert R.A.T.S. Trailrunning Festival - April 13-15th

Get your sweat on with the Desert R.A.T.S. Trailrunning Festival. This is a two-day event that starts Friday the 13th with you picking up your packet and having dinner with other racers. The big 50k takes place on Saturday with a racers party finishing off the night. The smaller races for Sunday are sold out so go and cheer on those who are running. They would appreciate it!

West Coast Swing Dance - April 13th

The West Coast Swing Dance Party is something my wife has wanted to do for awhile. She has always wanted to learn how to swing dance. I think I may have to take her to this. The lessons start at 7:15 p.m. with the dance party taking place from 8-10. I think it may be time for me to get my dance on. Be sure to check the website for availability.

Altrusa Art Fair - April 14th

The Altrusa Art Fair is a pretty amazing thing. I remember entering one of my art projects into this exhibit back when I was in high school. It takes middle school and high school art projects that are submitted by the art teachers for the community to enjoy. The art itself will be up until April 27th. Come enjoy some amazing art and cheer on those who get acknowledged for what they have done. I hope my daughter is in this showcase.

TBM Torpedo Bomber National Register Ceremony & Exhibit - April 14th

This is one of the coolest things that you could check out. A piece of history going onto the national registry of historic places. A 1945 Torpedo Bomber how cool is that. The ceremony will take place at noon while you will be able to take a look. What makes this even better is that this bomber is from Grand Junction!

Now, this weekend is full of things for you and your family to do. It is time to have some fun!



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