There is some good news coming out of the Valley. The city of Fruita will now be the home to the first Wakeboarding park in Colorado.

This was approved unanimously by The Fruita City Council. That means that every one of the members is on board for this. It is going to be located on a lake off of I-70 in Fruita, Colorado.

I haven't been wakeboarding in years and I am excited for this to finally happen. Kodi and Victor Imondi are the people you need to thank for making this a reality.

The cool thing about this wakeboarding park is that you don't have to use a boat. It is all ran by cables. Making it the first of it's kind in Colorado.

They aren't stopping there though. These two have even more plans for use of the industrial park.

It is scheduled for opening in the spring of 2018. Expect a huge line of wakeboarders when this is all said and done.

Who is ready to get soaked?

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