This weekend I was going to grab my bike and head down one of those awesome trails in Fruita. But when I went to go grab my bike but, of course, it had a flat tire.

Instead of just going back inside, I decided to grab my longboard and head out. I have lived in Fruita for a year and haven't actually explored too much. So that's what I did. I rolled my way around Fruita.

It has been a while since I have longboarded last, I was a little rusty. But once I got in the grove, it ended up being a lot of fun. Minus of course, it was really hot outside.

I had to head back after about an hour since I forgot my water bottle. I will be taking another trip around Fruita and be better prepared this time. Maybe go when it's a lot cooler outside. I know my daughters would have a blast too.

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