I love everything about this Valley, I have lived here my whole life. No matter where you look the scenery is beautiful.

I have lived almost everywhere in this Valley, from Palisade all the way to Fruita where I am living now.

Could you imagine what it looked like a hundred years ago? I came across an amazing photo from 1918 of Aspen Avenue in Fruita, Colorado. I was in complete awe when I saw it.

There were more horses on the road then there were cars. No paved roads that we are accustomed to today. What makes this especially cool is that a few of the buildings that were on Aspen Ave are still standing today.

So I decided to take a look for myself and see what it looked like now. It was amazing seeing the older historic buildings still standing strong and still having a large footprint in the city of Fruita.

I laid down in the street to try and get the exact shot that the took 100 years ago. I got a few weird looks while I was doing it. But after seeing the picture it was totally worth it.

Aspen Avenue 100 Years In The Making
Brandon Thomas

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