These guys are just really good friends. Really, really good friends.

Travis Henning made this video because "My family is thinks my best friend and I might be gay. Sent them this video of us in Thailand to ease their concern."

Set against Rod Stewart's very masculine "Some Guys Have All the Luck," the clip captures the pal doing typical dude things -- getting manicures, napping with one's head on the other's shoulder, wrapping their arms around each other while shirtless and taking in the sun. And remember it's in Thailand -- home of a country whose best known city is called Bangkok. It's a bromance at its most bromantic, even if that bromance includes showering in front of each other.

This tongue-in-cheek video is getting a thumbs-up from the internet, but we're pretty sure it's only going to lead to more questions from the men's families.

After watching this, we can't help but think of Scrubs' famous take on male friendships.

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