It is very sad to know that kids are abused everyday. The good news is help is available for these kids right here in Grand Junction. It's Fostering Hope.There are many reasons why a child may be abused. Most of it is out of their control. It can be physical, mental, but regardless of what the reasons are for the abuse, kids should never be put in a position to suffer.

I spoke with Janet Rowland today, and learned that a new collaboration that has been established by the Mesa County Partners and Mesa County Department of Human Services along with CASA are going to be offering a way for our community to get involved in protecting our children.

The main hope is that this new collaboration can reach out to those people who want to help, but maybe just do not know how or where to start.

There will be an informational meeting on Thursday April 14th, at 5:30pm at the Grand Junction City Hall. This meeting will go over all the ways that people just like you can help kids who have been abused.

There is nothing worse, than seeing a child who is unable to smile or function due to abuse. This is an amazing way to help out.