Mesa County has almost 300 kids in foster care and is in urgent need of foster homes. Find out which zip code foster homes are needed the most and why.

Grand Junction only has four foster homes and in Clifton, there are none. The zip code 81501, which is Central Grand Junction and Clifton are the two areas where most of the kids are removed from, so they are the focus.

"'s really important for kids to be placed within their community and in their school system,” stated Jodi Bedell who works for the Mesa County Department of Human Services.

In Mesa County alone, there are almost 300 kids in foster care. Homes can have up to four foster children, and all you have to do is do is an online interview and meet with a case manager -- it's that simple. If you can, lend a helping hand to a child in need. The children are our future, right?

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