Cody Latimer, who played four seasons with the Denver Broncos, was arrested early Saturday, (May 16, 2020) after firing shots after a poker game.

In poker, there's a term for when the luck game's just not in your favor: A 'bad beat' is where when you have good cards, but lose the game anyway. Maybe Cody drew a 'bad beat' the night of May 16.

According to 9News, Cody Latimer, a former wide receiver for the Broncos (2014-2017) who now plays for the Washington Redskins, went to a friend's house in Douglas County for a poker game on Friday night (May 15, 2020).

Latimer got into an argument with another person during the game. The host of the party ended up breaking the two men apart, ending the party and asking everyone to leave.

But apparently Latimer returned on, angry with the host of the game and saying that it was his fault the argument had happened. Latimer then pulled out a handgun, threatening the host and his girlfriend. Latimer reportedly said he was going to "kill everybody."

While Latimer did empty the bullets out of the gun at first, he became angry again and fired two shots that went near the poker game's host.

At that point, the host and Latimer got into a physical altercation where the host was injured, though not seriously.

Police arrived shortly after midnight and arrested Latimer on five charges, including Assault in the 2nd Degree (Class 4 felony), Illegal Discharge of a Weapon (Class 5 Felony), and Menacing (Class misdemeanor.)

I've hosted a few poker parties, only one ended in an 'altercation.' But no weapons were discharged for me, thank goodness.

Get more on Latimer's arrested from 9News HERE.

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