Turns out the food that Grand Junction hates are some of my favorites. I love this but Grand Junction, not so much.

What's the expression, the more food you hate the more I get to enjoy it? After finding out what are some of Grand Junction's most hated types of food, I also found this out too. Some of your most hated food, are my most loved.

I'll pass on the yams and the kale, but the seafood -- I'll take all of it. When it comes to seafood I enjoy all kinds. Everything from sushi, to calamari, to grilled fish, I'm eating it.

The combination of sweet and salty is something I live for. Speaking of orange chicken, it makes me wish we had a Panda Express around Grand Junction.

I feel like if you're from the South, then you have to like sweet potatoes. I'm from North Carolina and I love them. I love them baked with butter or fried with ranch. I'll take your sweet taters, Dio.

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