Modest Mouse is coming to Grand Junction Saturday, September 21 this is your shot to float on, for free. Here's how to win your Modest Mouse tickets.

It's one of of the best concerts of the year here in Grand Junction, it's Modest Mouse. The Modest Mouse is on Saturday, September 21 at the Amp at Las Colonias Park in Grand Junction.

We have your chance to float on with us, for free. Here's how to win your Modest Mouse tickets and trust us, it couldn't be any easier:

The first step is to download our free app, which you can do in the App store/Google Play. Now that you've got our app, just tap on the 'Modest Mouse' icon.

Now that you tapped that icon, enter in your information, things like your name and phone number, and you're in it to win it.

Listening to Modest Mouse always gives me a nostalgic feel and takes me back to high school. Makes me think of a simpler time when I had a lot fewer responsibilities and just driving around and hanging out with friends.

Below are some of my favorite Modest Mouse songs, and a couple of other songs too, which I compiled on a Spotify playlist. Listen to our Modest Mouse playlist while you sign up to see them on our app. It won't take you longer than a song to sign up for Modest Mouse tickets, we promise.

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