Ladies...what if I told you that there is a new "smart bra"? Would you be just curious, or would you want to know more?

A West Coast Company called OMsignal has come up with the worlds first "smart" bra. I am not sure if I should call it a bra or a unit..but either way, it is smart. The bra tracks the heart rate, breathing, and activity, and displays it via an app on your smartphone.

The company says that this is the alternative to wearing a Fitbit or an Apple Watch. The idea that women will like getting all this same information from an item of clothing they're already wearing.

OMsignal chief marketing officer Shaz Khang said

"Women gravitate towards wearables, but they don't want an item they have to put on or worry about every day."

The bra, which is set to start shipping out this spring, sells for around $150, and pre-orders are being accepted. The one thing I did not find is whether or not the bra is safe to go through an airport checkpoint. That might cause some interesting trouble.

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