Oh man. I hate hearing news like this. Bears are my most-liked wildlife animal. I think they may be my spirit animal.

This bear didn't have much luck when Colorado Wildlife officials had to kill a two-year-old bear near Meeker, Colorado.

According to the Steamboat Pilot & Today, the bear was relocated from Steamboat and had to be put down Monday night after the bear disrupted a farmer's beehive.

Unfortunately, when a bear keeps causing havoc and becomes a threat the Colorado Wildlife has to kill them in order to protect the people and agriculture.

Sad when this happens. "It happens every year," says the Colorado Wildlife.

It's most important to secure our trash and be intentional about our surroundings here in Colorado.

Bears are a beautiful part of our beautiful state and they deserve to enjoy their home as we do. By paying more attention it can help prevent heartbreaking stories like this.

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