We finally got some snow in the valley and it was a wonderful thing. I told my daughters as soon as I knew that the snow was sticking on the ground.

Once they saw it, they ran outside so they could shovel the walkway and driveway. I don't think that they got very far with the actually shoveling.

When I woke up the next morning so I could head into town I almost slipped and fell right into the snow. The walkway was not even close to being finished. I look around and find the shovel sitting in the grass.

They told me when they came inside that they built a snowman and that I would love it. Well, I loved it more then they will know. I was expecting a nice big snowman in my front yard, but when I get to my car I see a cute little snowman sitting on the hood of my car. It was the cutest thing that I have ever seen.

Now, all we need is a little bit more snow so we can go out sledding! But for now, this little bit of snow will do.

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