I was following an interesting discussion about this Facebook post by the Colorado State Patrol and it has me shaking my head.

For starters, just think about that number, 500 lives lost on Colorado roads so far this year. These are people just like you and me. These are moms and dads, grandma and grandpas, sons and daughters who had had plans for their future. These are people who thought "it will never happen to me."

What's interesting about the discussion connected to this post is the way people blame everyone else. The slow drivers blame the fast drivers while the fast drivers say slow drivers are the cause of traffic fatalities.

"Willing to bet most accidents are caused by slow drivers. They clog the lanes and ultimately force other drivers into bad decisions and that's bad."


"You will probably cause someone to die one day because you're in a hurry.... Speed limit is a speed limit. Not a suggestion."


"Get over yourself, leadfooted speeder... wreckless, selfish driver, cutting in and out, act like you OWN the dang road.. I know who you are... you never ever stay the speed limit do you?"

I don't think anyone can dispute the idea that high/excessive speed is often a contributing factor to accidents. I've read enough police reports over the years to know this is true. By the same token, the driver who's going slow in the fast lane is, indeed, a hazard. Especially when highway traffic is heavy.

Then there is this person who brings up a valid point.

"Can we address the elephant please. Put. The. Phone. Away!"

It's not just people using cell phones that are causing so many accidents. That, as well as other distractions that are taking people's eyes and attention off the road.

Then there are drunk, stoned, and drowsy drivers. By itself, it's a hazard on the road. Add other factors like excessive speed and distractions, you have a recipe for disaster.

Another problem I see is simply the attitudes of people. So many are in a hurry, have no patience or tolerance for anyone or anything that slows them down. We've all seen the speeder on North Avenue darting in and out of traffic like he/she is going to a house fire only to end up right next to you a couple of stoplights down the road. On North Avenue, these drivers are an irritant. On the interstate, they are a hazard.

With the holiday season upon us and the knowledge of the hundreds of people who have lost their lives in 2019 in Colorado, I would implore every Colorado driver to exercise caution and good judgment out on the road. I'm not necessarily telling anyone to slow down - unless they're going 85 miles per hour down the interstate. But, use some wisdom and realize that if traffic is heavy you may not be able to go as fast as you like. Weather and road conditions may also dictate a slower pace.

Don't be a holiday fatality this year in Colorado - and don't be the cause of one.

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