Photobombing can either be fun or annoying, but celebrity photobombing is always fun!

Once again Jimmy Fallon gives us gold. He does a really great job of coming up with ideas for bits with celebrities, whether it be games, sports, etc.

If you don't know Jon Hamm, he plays Don Draper on the AMC television series 'Mad Men'. His character is a serious, hard working, ladies man. In real life, Hamm isn't quite as serious as you can probably tell. He's done some other funny online video bits in the past as well.

I had two favorite parts to this video... one, the boxes in the back. When they popped out of those for the picture, that was awesome. Two, the "Lady & the Tramp" hoagie. It got even more amazing when they combined the two and ate the hoagie from the boxes. Yet again, another win from the Fallon Tonight Show team.

Have you ever had an epic photobomb? Post the pic, I'd love it see it!


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