Thanks to the efforts of a particular BTS member, Fall Out Boy's "Champion" title now reigns globally.

Released at midnight (December 15), the "Champion" remix — which features the K-Pop supergroup's RM — takes the track's pop rock origins and gets them good and dirty.

"Ain't gotta be somebody, be anybody / Rather be anybody than live in a dead body," RM spits at the top off the track, originally co-penned by Sia. And it's no wonder Fall Out Boy's forthcoming album is called Mania: the remix proceeds into deliciously dark verses that are frantic and as baleful as the Cheshire Cat.

"so great to work with @falloutboy," BTS tweeted with an image of the track upon its release — and fans went nuts. "my favorite bands working together. I'm out. God. I love u guys so much," one follower wrote as a reply, while another noted "F A L L O U T B O Y ??!??!?? my past emo self is crying rn omg what a collab."

Billboard reported the #RMxFallOutBoy hashtag trended worldwide on Twitter immediately after the song's announcement.

Mania, which also features "The Last of the Real Ones," will drop in January. Meanwhile, BTS are riding high in the United States, having earned the distinction of the first K-Pop group to perform at the American Music Awards after a November set.

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