Vail Pass is currently closed because of spun-out vehicles as well as hazardous driving conditions, according the Vail Daily's Facebook. This is what Facebook had to say.

Vail Pass is currently closed in both directions, according to the Vail Daily's Facebook. Based on their picture, all you can see are cars and snow.

A lot of the comments on Facebook show no mercy. Jackson Sandell said:

Ahh... It truly is the holiday season. People who don't know how to drive giving the gift of misery and anger to the rest of us.

Others were more light-hearted commenting things like "bring it on." And people are posting pictures and comments about shredding their way through Vail Pass. Dylan Woodhams commented:

Imagine if you guys got stuck in that.

To which Keith Glover replied with a GIF of Mr. Lahey and Randy from Trailer Park Boys chugging booze.

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